TangleCrafts ReLoved!

reloved xmasOctober has been a fun (& full!) month for TangleCrafts so far!  If you’re in the UK, check out the latest issue of Reloved magazine, in the shops now!  The current issue is the Christmas edition & full of cool upcycled, festive ideas so this year you have no excuse not to handmake everything. 😉  On top of all that, though, turn to the very last page and you’ll find a full page feature all about my postage stamp collage notebooks.  Here’s a sneak preview:

making memories crop

Refillable journal, front & backIn the feature, I talk about a refillable journal I recently made as a wedding gift for a friend. I collaged both front & back of a handmade-from-scratch journal (which also doubled as a wedding card, with removable insert), but as an extra challenge to myself, I decided to create the impression of a reflected image – which meant finding 2 of every stamp I found that was just the right shape & shade to use!  I managed it, though, and we took lots of pics, so this is a little overview of the finished piece:

Refillable journal

I must confess, it was quite a time-consuming process, and I haven’t yet had time to make any more.  If the idea appeals to you, though, and you would like your very own refillable journal, made in your own choice of colours, please send me a convo through the Etsy TangleStore, and I will be happy to give a quote and make a special notebook listing, just for you.  (Custom orders are always easier to make time for than ‘just because’ projects!)

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