Table full to overflowing

Aside from the journal/magazine project in my previous post, I have been busy creating stock to keep my shelf looking fresh & colourful at the fantastic Things British shop (on Turnpin Lane, Greenwich Market), where I’m very happy to have bagsied myself a little corner.  Not to mention keeping my table filled with freshly TangleCrafted goodies at my local craft market adventures.  This is what my stall looked like at yesterday’s Cathedral Quarter Craft Fayre in Derby:

 Derby CQ Craft Fayre, Oct 18

I really enjoyed the day, as always.  I love talking to both customers and fellow stallholders – it not only helps to pass the time but inevitably brings to light some interesting or entertaining snippet of something.  Yesterday, my work was recognised by somebody who had seen the menus I designed for a local restaurant earlier in the week (the Wonky Table on Sadler Gate, if you’re in Derby!); I had a very pleasant chat with a philatelist who was not horrified by my collages & what I do to postage stamps; I learned of some more local craft fair opportunities from my next-door stallholder; and I had this wonderful interaction with a customer (who did buy something) which definitely earns my comment of the day award:

Customer, to me, pointing at one of my collages: Look, somebody spent ages, carefully sticking those stamps into place!

Me, pointedly: Yes, me!

I’ve decided to take from this exchange at least the fact that the customer recognised the amount of work that goes into each collage.  It does amaze me, though, the number of customers/browsers who don’t seem to realise that the person sitting behind the stall is the same person who made everything on the table!  I realise this is largely the fault of the numerous re-sellers of ‘handcrafted’ goods shipped in from who-knows-where, but it is still a little odd to be on the receiving end of an assumption that you are not the author of your own works…  (I do have a sign on my table that says ‘handcrafted in Derby by me’, btw)  Still, it’s all the more reason to chat to customers, and I always enjoy that little human interchange, regardless. 🙂

After a really fun day, I’m already looking forward to my next craft fayre in Derby, on November 15th, but if you’re anywhere close to local, please keep an eye on this page, where I will shortly be adding a couple more events for November.  Of course, whether you are local or not, you can always browse the TangleStore online (where you will always find the widest range of goodies!).

Since my last TangleStore update, I’ve added an option to have an A6 notebook custom-collaged in some of my favourite colour combinations (parameters set by you).  You’ll also find a little gallery of new A5 (medium) journals (amongst other things, of course) which have also recently joined my range:

3 x TangleCrafted journals

4 thoughts on “Table full to overflowing”

  1. It is startling isn’t it! It just goes to show how much work there is in communicating about handmade. I had virtually the same comment about rag garlands once – look, someone tied all those on there! xSusan from the Little Brown Dog Workshop

    1. Thank you! I have a couple of markets coming up later in November, and I’m really looking forward to them. I think it will really start getting me into a more festive frame of mind… 🙂

  2. I agree that it can be weird having people look at your work and not realizing you did it! Glad you had an enjoyable time at the craft show. Visiting through the Upcyclers team =)

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