Samples, samples, more samples…

I have FREE promos for you!  This month, I’ve been swapping bits & pieces with some other crafty types, and now have some great little tasters so that you can sample their wares.  How?  Simply place an order of £5 or more (excluding p&p) in the TangleStore, and I will throw in a free (randomly chosen) promo sampler with your order, while stocks last.  Spend over £10 and I’ll include one of each!  I only have a few, though, so it’s first come, first served…

Here’s a preview of the samples I have for you…

Midori-style notebook from
Midori-style notebook from

I’ve been swapping mail art with Betsy Preston for a good number of years now and I can vouch for her amazing talent.  She has just recently opened a brand shiny new BetsyPreston Etsy store, so that you too can benefit from her creativity.  Current wares to choose from include fabric postcards, recycled notebooks (made from cereal packets etc) with stitched bindings, and Midori-style fabric covered, refillable notebooks (left).  I received one of her gorgeous Midori-style notebooks earlier in the year, which she actually sent to me naked (no external packaging)!  This includes one of the cute cereal box notebooks inside, and I just love the refillable style, with inserts held in place with covered elastic.

BetsyPreston promo samples
BetsyPreston promo samples

If you’re wondering how a postcard made of fabric can possibly withstand the rigours of being sent through the post, you need one of my free samples!  (Although believe me, they are far sturdier than your average flimsy cardstock postcard!)  These business card-sized swatches demonstrate the quality of Betsy Preston’s work perfectly – I guarantee you won’t be able to resist trying out the real thing…

Busy Weekends Letter Writing Kit
Correspondence Letter Writing Kit from

My other free samples are a series of extraordinarily generous mini kits from the extraordinarily creative Busy Weekends shop.  Michelle is determined to help you unleash your own inner creativity through her unique kits, such as the Correspondence Letter Writer Kit (left), the Creative Explorer Kit, and various accompanying zines including one of my favourites, the ‘Good Company Mail & Letter Writing Activity Zine’, as well as ‘Self Care for Creatives’ (I think we all need a bit of that!).  Each kit contains a whole bundle of goodies and accessories, plus activities and challenges designed to unleash your imagination.

Promo samples from Busy Weekends
Promo samples from Busy Weekends

The promos I have for you are individually sealed, fun-filled little packets (sneak preview of the contents shown right!), including a mail art challenge, creative bunting challenge, thank you card challenge, invent a holiday challenge, and a handmade postcard challenge.  I love Michelle’s ideas so much, and I know you will, too!

Well, after all that, my own recent experiments are feeling somewhat tame, by comparison!  Nonetheless, here are some previews of my latest TangleSTore creations:

Chunky collaged art block 'postcard'
Chunky collaged art block ‘postcard’

The postcard at the far right is actually a chunky little collaged art block.  Still perfectly mailable (with correct postage added!), but this picture better demonstrates its sturdy dimensions:

The latest TangleCrafts craft fair goody bags
The latest TangleCrafts craft fair goody bags

And hey, August is turning out to be a pretty good month for me, so I’m going to share the love.  While I have lots of my craft fair goody bags on hand, I’ll throw one in as an extra with randomly selected orders, too! 🙂

P.S. Are you located anywhere near Derby (UK)?  I have local craft fairs booked in for August, September & October – click here for details.   Would love to meet you, if you happen to be around – I promise to save a goody bag for you!

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