Perfect perforations?

ghana stampRecently I posted a comparison chart of perforation methods for faux postage stamps, and the results thereof. But today, while I was sorting through some excess real postage stamps for clearance, I came across this lovely (tiny!) stamp from Ghana. I have no idea of its age, but I assume its quite likely that more recent stamps from the same region have the ‘perfect’ perforations we generally associate with postage stamps; but I truly love the imperfection of this little sample. It was sold & sent exactly as you see, and I’m sure no-one once questioned why the perforations were not pristine.

Why am I bothering to share this? I just thought it might help assuage doubts if you are afraid your own faux postage doesn’t look ‘professional’ enough. Clearly it does! (And anyway, in mail art, the individuality of your stamps is what makes them more interesting. So there.)

2 thoughts on “Perfect perforations?”

  1. Thank you for sharing this! It is very encouraging Todays stamps unfortunately are peel and stick and have simulated “perfs” themselves, so I don’t know why we beat ourselves up for not having a way to get a perfect perforation! I am a long time mail artist and artistamp maker. Pristine perfs are great, but I have no access to a perfing machine, so I have always had to make due… I have used a sewing machine with a needle for sewing leather, (works pretty well!), a slotted wheel rotary cutter, (not as cool looking but it works), shears that cut a perfed looking edge, and just plain scissors cut close to a artistamp that I bordered with evenly spaced black dots, so that cutting through the center of the dots gives a sort of perfed look to the stamp. Whatever I used, I am happy to say, I have never once had someone complain or say anything negative about the stamps just because they weren’t perfectly perfed. Usually recipients of my artistamps are excited to receive them and have nothing but nice things to say about them, most of them never even mention the perforations. This has made it easy for me to get past the perf stigma and just create and have fun!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂 I’ve used all the methods for perfing that you describe above, and I do think we just have to accept that it’s something that seems to concern us more as artistamp creators than…anybody else who might see the finished stamp…! If people want perfect perforations they can pay the price for Zazzle (or in the UK, Royal Mail Smilers), or even the pre-perfed paper from Olathe Post. But having seen some of the most awesome creations in the last edition of the Friends and Faux project, I have to say I really don’t think it matters so much. Nice to know you agree! 🙂

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