I’ve been a busy little bee since returning home a couple of weeks ago, first of all catching up with orders, and then getting stuck into some new projects.  At last, summer seems to be approaching Derby, and the sun has lured me out into the lovely garden at our latest house.  Corey & I love green, growing things, but are sadly what you might call a little black-fingered when it comes to tending them.  However, the new garden is full of long-established plants – quince trees, plum trees, heather, rosemary, roses, cornflowers, bluebells (etc, including many things we can’t name) – and we did venture some weeding last weekend.  So far, there don’t seem to be any ill-effects, so fingers crossed this garden might survive us!

TangleWeed SamplerTo celebrate, I launched a happy new line of badges, made from pressed, dried garden flowers, and these are now available in the TangleStore:

You can also find the latest issue of Enchanted Times Mini: Just So Stories in the ETPrintworks store, along with a special offer: spend £5 or more (excl. shipping) and receive a No New News Notebook/Diary FREE with your order!  This offer is strictly while stocks last, so don’t miss out! 🙂

ETM 1.5: just so storiesno new news cover sq

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