A question for you (about notecards)

I must confess, I’m really not much of a letter writer (something which I’m sure will be readily confirmed by anybody who has corresponded with me in the past).  It’s a little odd, you might think, because my zines are generally pretty wordy; but for some reason I just don’t seem to have many words left over when it comes to actual personal communication.  I can usually fill a postcard, but not much more.  If I’m sending somebody a zine (etc), usually a mini card (/business card) has more than enough space for what I have to say.  Thus, my latest range of postage stamp stationery consists of flat notecards (/blank postcards) and mini notecards.  Because these are the sizes I’m most likely to use myself.

My question is…actually a series of questions…  I’ll list them instead!  So, are you ready?  When it comes to correspondence:

  • What kind of cards do you prefer?
  • Are you a full-on letter writer and would prefer notepaper, instead?
  • Do you ever/often use notepaper & notecard combined, or would it usually be one or the other?
  • If you use notecards, do you prefer a flat, single-sided notecard or a single-fold notecard with more space to write inside?
  • If you prefer a folded notecard, do you prefer a design printed on the back as well as the front, or do you prefer the back to be left blank so that you can continue your note?
  • Do you have any other thoughts about notecard design which might be relevant?

You might gather, I’m thinking of adding a blank-inside single-fold notecard to the range in the future, so I’m just trying to establish what would be the most practical, attractive-to-a-buyer/notewriter option.  But I’m also genuinely interested in your correspondence habits & preferences, so please do share.  And browse the current range, too. 😉

4 thoughts on “A question for you (about notecards)”

  1. aloha Tanglecrafts – i’m not sure if this will help or not, this is only my thinking on this:

    probably like you i make my own postcards either by hand or so that they can be produced on demand. at one time i wrote long letters. i rarely do that now. a postcard is enough.

    however my postcards either come in packages of 8 at a good price or singles at a high price (that’s not my choice those are just the options i can have). i think most people dont really want 8 of the same card. and they dont want to pay a high price for one postcard either.

    if you (or i) had the ability to make mixed packages (maybe with 2 each of 4 cards) at a good price, this might be attractive for people who like postcards. i dont know this tho, probably also like you i’m always trying to figure it out. aloha.

  2. Thanks for the input! 🙂 Nice to know I’m not the only one prefers to write brief messages! And I agree, as a buyer, I would probably prefer a mixed set of designs (I’m working on this!) but I guess it would depend on how many individual people you correspond with. If you write to one person regularly, it would be nice to send a different card each time; but if you have several correspondents so long as you really like the one design, I wouldn’t have thought it would matter so much if you send the same design to many (unless they all know each other!). I’m working towards a mix of designs as well as individuals, though, so people have the choice…

  3. I tend to the extremes: postcards or at least 2 pages of stationery, usually 4 small ones. In postcards, I prefer variety; in stationery, I love calm natural colors, smaller-size paper (folded once, fits in an envelope), something witty or a small decoration that seems more adult than juvenile. It is amazing to me how hard it is to find stationery that is not too expensive, too flowery, too cute … I like the notepaper plus postcard idea a lot. I don’t like folded cards as much as one-sided ones 🙂

    Funny, how opinionated I am about notepaper!

    1. Ha ha – thanks for the input; it’s really helpful to have more opinions. 🙂 And I agree, it’s amazing the ‘unimportant’ things we find we have opinions on, if we stop to think about it…

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