Postcard Recycling Kit – recycled edition!

The Postcard Recycling Kit is one of those ideas that I have been playing with since I first started making zines.  The first ‘incarnation’ came as self-adhesive pages bound into a (now long unavailable!) zine about postcards, called PostScript.  Since then, I have revived the concept a couple of times within other mail art themed zines, and also as a zine in its own right.  I have a tendency to overthink things, so I’m hoping that this latest recycling of the concept has brought things back to basics…

Postcard Recycling KitInstead of binding the pages into a cover, which must then be detached before use, this ‘zine’ is looseleaf, so the ‘pages’ are pre-separated, ready to peel off the backing, attach to your chosen artwork or upcycled cardstock, stamp and send!  All the pages except for the cover (which is addressed directly to the recipient) are printed on label paper, including 3 crafty postcard projects as well as a stash of postcard recycling labels.  You could use them to mail all kinds of objects – not just flat postcards – but I’ll leave the creative re-use up to you! 😉

See the TangleStore for more pics & further info.


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