MAIL ART CALL: PostSecret Zine – the teen years

This is a call out for zine submissions from a friend of mine, Maggie Goebel.  Maggie hopes to create a series of zines from your PostSecret cards.  Please contact soyprincesa2 [AT] (substitute [AT] with @ to send mail) for postal address, or with any questions.  Here’s the info:


“I am hoping that this project will continue after this round which is why I am going with Themes. The theme for this zine is the teen years. I chose this theme because I think most adults have secrets from their teen years that they still hold inside.

“I love reading about the secret thoughts or deeds of others and I love sharing my own secrets. For the sake of a little privacy you will submit the 4×5 inch secret postcard in an envelope (also to help protect it from damage). I will number the bottom of each postcard that has a secret and on the table of contents page in the front it will have a list of everyone who participated with their first name and country ONLY. So if my secret is on page 4, then on the Table of Contents page it will say:
4. Maggie, USA

“When I receive them all I will create a zine layout on letter sized paper that can be color copied and sent to each of you.

“So a quick run down of the rules/expectations:

1. Send me an email if you are interested in participating and I will add you to my list to send reminders to until the March 20th deadline.

2. Share a secret from your Teen Years using any kind of art or interesting lettering – you may do it with a computer or by hand. Size 4×5 inches. Vertical or Horizontal.

3. By March 20th, mail in an envelope to me. Make sure your name and address are on the back of the postcard. IF you are able (not required)… include a first class U.S. stamp for return shipment. This just helps me out with all the expense.

4. In about 3 weeks you should get a zine back in the mail!!!!

“To see some Postsecret cards go to


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