NEW MAIL ART PROJECT: A Dissimulation of Birds Zine & Crafts

My dad was recently diagnosed with bowel cancer. I don’t live close enough to home to be much practical help but I thought that something I can do is create a new zine (or series of zines) and donate any profits from sales to a related charity (most likely MacMillan Cancer Support).

I’ve chosen a theme that I know my dad will appreciate – birds. He’s especially fond of swans, owls, birds of prey, and was born in the Year of the Rooster; but he’s not that picky, and all birds are welcome for this project!

Project Dissimulation logoA Dissimulation of Birds Zine Project

I am calling out for one or more of the following:

  • Used postage stamps featuring images of birds


By sending postage stamps or faux postage for this project, you agree to the item/s you send being printed in a zine (and/or possibly used in other related craft items) that will be sold by TangleCrafts in aid of a cancer charity.

I will wait to see what arrives before I decide exactly what form the zine(/s) will take. I can’t promise to include everything that I receive in the finished zine but will try to make use of all that I reasonably can! Everyone who includes a return address with their contribution will receive a free copy of the resulting mini-zine (but let me know if you prefer your copy to be donated for sale).

Click below for entry forms, which include faux postage template and address for submissions.
A4 entry form
Letter-Size entry form

(Please note, I have moved house in Feb 2013, so anybody who has corresponded with me in the past or contributed to a previous project does not have the current address!)

Huge thanks in advance to anyone who can help with this project!


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