Enchanted Times #5 is here!

All contributor copies & pre-orders of Enchanted Times #5 were despatched by Fast-As-You-Can Courier yesterday, but if you didn’t pre-order, don’t despair! Head over to the TangleCrafts or ETPrintworks Etsy Store (if you have a discount coupon code, don’t forget to enter it at checkout!), and for a limited period ET#5 is available with a FREE over-sized postcard including an editorial about Hansel & Gretel, the Gingerbread man, and the Fast-As-You-Can Courier Company (story abridged from ET Mini #2.5). Each postcard comes individually hand-stamped with the Fast-As-You-Can Co Co signature stamp to validate for postage within Enchanted Realms. Additional postage will be required to send within your own country. Other contents:

  • GLASS by guest reporter Gwenan Haines and WOLF AT THE DOOR by your editor Su Mwamba – alternative versions of Red Riding Hood
  • THE HUNGER by guest reporter Michele Henson – what really happened to Hansel and Gretel (variation on a folk tale)
  • HOW TO SURVIVE A FAIRY TALE – an essential pictorial guide by regular contributor Penelope Harris
  • THE BAD APPLE – let Truth-Be-Told regarding the Queen and her Mirror, a first-hand account with brief follow-up report by Su Mwamba
  • ROSE OR THORN – a preliminary report on an alleged hostage situation plus an unrelated chat With Lord Mackintosh of the Manor inc. exclusive cross stitch chart depicting his fabled roses – feature and pattern by Su Mwamba
  • THE MIRROR – reviews of contemporary fairy tale literature, including contributions from guest reviewer Kateri Wilson-Whalley
  • SMALL ADS – from ET sponsors & Goblin Market Vendors: Blow Their House Down Community Services, Fast-As-You-Can Weight Loss Plan, Cinderella DIY Kit, and Goblin Marketeers.

See listings for further pics & other info.  Also look out for the latest Enchanted Times Mini: #5.5 vol. iii – a little goes a long way:


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