Moo! (another special offer!)

Just wanted to share this special offer from, of which I have recently partaken.  I have ordered from them previously, but have only just discovered they are offering sample sets of 10 business cards, absolutely FREE!  You can have them made with up to 10 different designs (either your own designs, or from a wide range of stock designs) and completely customise the reverse however you like, too.
If you don’t need actual business cards, think what else they could be used for – swap cards, gift tags (’tis the season quite soon, y’know!), mini notecards, enclosure cards, etc…  (I should mention, the free cards do come with branding, but you can ‘upgrade’ to remove the branding for a small charge – it’s still a very good deal for what you get in return!)

I recently came across these awesome illustrations by Walter Crane, & had been mulling over a project I could use them for.  With that in mind, I decided to spurn the ‘business’ for once, and make up my Moo sample set as mini notecards for my personal correspondence, instead.  These ‘knights’ are so much cooler than Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies, don’t you think?!  I found a vintage leafy border design to head & tail the lined reverse of the cards & I already can’t wait for them to arrive!  I will post again to share the results, once they do. 🙂

I usually do all my printing at home, so it feels a bit decadent (& also a bit like cheating) to have someone else do it for me!  But I was so pleased with the results of the fairy tale design flat notecards that I think I will have to sub-contract printing for selected future items, also.  Handmade is awesome, but there are simply some materials & finishes that it just isn’t possible to replicate using a basic home printer.  The professional finish really seems to work nicely with (especially) the Enchanted Times-related designs…


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