So, what’s new?


First up, the latest TangleStore addition: The Goblin Market Coupon Book. This is the next step on from the fairy tale business cards/ads that I have designed & featured in my Enchanted Times zines.  The coupon book is in a stapled, matchbook format with perforated tear-off coupon pages.  The matchbooks are a little more time-consuming to put together than my usual saddle-stitched zines, but I found the format worked really well for the concept, and makes the pages really ‘flippable’ which is kinda fun (for me, at least – I’m easily entertained 😉 ).  Each of the 10 coupons has a redeemable offer on the reverse, including discounts in Enchanted Realm businesses such as the Eggshell Beauty Parlour and Pre-Enchanted Princes Showrooms (sadly, these 2 offers applicable to Enchanted Realm inhabitants only), and various FREE products (including both printable & mailable options) such as the Nettled-No-More DIY Weaving Loom Template, Pied Piper Pipes’ Charmed Life Notebook and the Rumpelstiltskin Registry of Re-Identification Book of Names sampler.  You will also find a FREE sample stapled to the coupon from WeaveWorld – the very fabric as recently worn by the Emperor himself!  See TangleStore listings for additional coupon pictures & further details.

Just a note – I am down to the last 4 copies of Valley of Dolls (inc. felt & fabric for Intuition Doll) so don’t miss out!  Black & white copies (without extras) will continue to be available, but I will not be putting together any more of the colour version once these have sold through.

And in celebration of a new season, I am releasing a new TangleStamp design: Meander.  This is based on a pebbly doodle that I doodled earlier in the year, and the version shown left is printed on lokta paper embedded with seeds to add to the natural, pebbly feel.  Now that summer is (definitely!) over, the Dandelion Smile TangleStamp is being (mostly) retired for the season and I will be using the Meander design on outgoing TangleMail.  In honour of autumn, though, I have also reprinted last year’s Begin Again acorn TangleStamp, so who knows which you might receive…   If you have a preference as to which TangleStamp adorns your TangleStore order, please let me know in ‘Notes to seller’ and I will do my best to oblige (available stock allowing).


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