Treasured again!

I love it when somebody chooses a random TangleCrafts item to include in their Etsy Treasury, because invariably it leads me to discover all kinds of other handmade goodness that might otherwise pass me by.   I never have enough time to browse thoroughly for myself, so it’s nice to let someone else do the legwork occasionally! 😉  Here is a catch-up on some treasuries that have recently featured various TangleCrafts stuff – have fun!

Once Upon a Time, curated by WildeSnapDragon (great name!) highlighting Enchanted Times 3.5 set amidst a miscellany of fairy tale whimsy across a range of different media, from jewellery to papercrafts to bathroom decals!  Picture right shows a set of 3 mermaid notecards from thefiligree

Classic Books – the Secret Garden, curated by BirdiesCozyNest – perhaps unsurprisingly 😉 this Treasury features my  Bit of Earth mini-zine alongside other artwork inspired by & vintage copies of this classic children’s novel, such as this beautiful one-of-a-kind decorated moleskine notebook by Biberta

Stamp Collecting!, curated by TheFourLoves features my World’s Greatest Hobby postage stamp pinback badge, while Stamp Collecting Was Once my Hobby curated by Nozomi Crafts highlights the companion series of Machin badges and the stylish Vintage Luftpost Sketchbook/Journal (shown left) from Monorail Studio as well as many other stamp-inspired delights.

going postal! curated by talknerdy2me shared (coincidentally enough) my Going Postal Gallery zine, and some very cool postal fun stuff, such as the Airmail Stickers Mega Pack from CrabApple Design and even a crochet-your-own mailbox pattern!  Seriously, how can you resist?!

And last but not least, my Postcard Recycling Kit found its way into this Smitten With Britain collection curated by BrittenUK, & highlighting a wide range of British artists and crafters.  I feel honoured to be in such good company! 🙂  Picture left shows the gorgeous Let’s Fly Away postcard set by LilyMoon, a new favourite of mine!


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