Cold off the press from the Enchanted Times

Originally issued in the Enchanted Realms prior to Enchanted Times #1 (currently on clearance), the Enchanted Times has reprinted the Mini edition, #0.5 (vol. i), Peas in our Time, for the first time made available in the Real World.  It features an enhanced, easier-to-read version of the Princess and the Pea cross stitch chart (previous version available in ET #1), sponsored by Stack-A-Mat, as well as various other related news stories.  See the Etsy listing for further details & additional pictures.

I am also belatedly letting you know about another Enchanted Times product recently added to the Etsy store, a facsimile Emperor’s New Clothes postcard set.  I had great fun putting several sets together last weekend for several of my personal mail art-y friends, and as hopefully they are mostly now arrived at their destinations, I can post about them without fear of spoiling a surprise.  The postcard set includes a postcard found on the Black Market in the Big City, advertising WeaveWorld Weavers and with a sample fabric swatch attached (what do you mean, you can’t see the fabric? 😉 ).  The reverse of the postcard features a heavily censored message about a recent procession starring the Big City’s Emperor, intercepted by corrupt officials working ostensibly in the name of but actually contravening the Correspondence Assured Delivery Treaty.  The postcard is delivered re-packaged in a cello-bag, including a leaflet providing notice of a Royal Decree of which the postcard is allegedly in breach.  I will only be putting together a few pf these packs, so buy now while they’re still available!


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