Happy Day of the Dandelion!

I love dandelions!  You probably guessed that, from the latest TangleStamp, Dandelion Smile, currently at the top of the sidebar…  Marguerite Keen of Piccadilly Post creates dandelion smiles by sending people ‘real mail’ (because who doesn’t love real mail, instead of bills, and statements etc…?), and yesterday I was lucky enough to receive one of her lovely missives. I was entertained before even opening the envelope, because it is always fun to see a TangleStamp on somebody else’s mail!  Inside, as well as a letter, was a collection of randomness which Marguerite tells me she themed by colour – and the reason for this post is simply because of how much I absolutely love the gorgeous ‘Oh Happy Day’ (vintage?) paint sample card she included.  I think I might have to frame it…
I love it so much, I’m going to post it again below, solo, in all its wonderful dandelion glory, to brighten up the weekend! 😀


(Click here to snaffle your own bit of Piccadilly Post Real Mail.)

I wonder if dandelions do have their own day of celebration…? Does anybody know?   If not, I might just nominate today as the official Day of Dandelion Happiness… 😀

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