SPECIAL OFFER for International Zine Month!

Did you know that July is International Zine Month?  Well, now you do!
(In case anybody doesn’t believe me, it’s officially listed here, alongside many other fascinating celebrations that you might otherwise never have known existed…)
I only found out yesterday, and was also reminded that July is the month of the annual 24 Hour Zine Thing.  Have any of you ever risen to the 24 hour zine challenge?  I haven’t, as yet, but who knows – maybe this will be the year!  Well, we’ll see…

Anyway, having now discovered International Zine Month, I’ve decided to turn the ‘Zines I Like’ feature into a bit of a giveaway.

As some of you may have noticed (yes, sarcasm alert!) I spent much of last month blogging about my recent zine acquisitions.   So if you place an order in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store between now and July 24th, you will be entered into a prize draw to win one of the Zines I Like.  I will be sharing the zine love by giving away at least 3 different zines to 3 different people, with the winners chosen at random (by random.org) on Monday 25th July, and the giveaway zines chosen at random by me.

To qualify for entry into the draw all you need to do is

  • place an order of any value in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store (& remember prices begin at just $1!)
  • Quote “I like zines, too!” in the ‘message to seller’ section of the Etsy order (if you forget but realise afterwards, send me an Etsy convo & I will still enter you into the draw – can’t say fairer than that!)

 This offer is in addition to any other TangleClub discounts & promo gifts applied to the same order.  Depending on when the winners’ orders were placed, prizes may be sent out with item/s ordered or under separate cover, at a later date. 

By the way, there are lots of other TangleCrafts offers happening at the moment, too!  The Valley of Dolls and DIY Guide to Artistamps have both been lowered in price, plus check out the Clearance/Reduced section for some last-chance bargains.

I’ve also  printed up a new batch of business cards, some of which have Lucky Tickets on the reverse!  The Lucky Tickets include offers for various discounts & freebies with future orders & one of the new business cards will be included with all orders sent out.  How lucky will you be…?


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