Zines I Like #5: How to draw like a Nut by Andrea Joseph

Yay – another handwritten – and hand-drawn – zine!  This 16 page, half-size zine is completely jam-packed with incredibly detailed drawings (all drawn with ballpoint pens), creative inspiration, tips & techniques, and lots and lots of text meandering around the prolific illustrations.
The first double page spread, in a ‘cunning’ play on the zine’s title, consists of a detailed tutorial of how to draw a monkey nut shell.  On subsequent pages, Andrea rambles engagingly about shoes,  pens, where she finds ideas (“anywhere & everywhere (but as I am reclusive they mainly come from around the house)”), and if following the text around in multiple directions does not make you feel seasick, you will pick up lots of practical tips, as well as inspiration.  And lots of anecdotes about Andrea’s life & habits. There’s also a fun double-page spread of Andrea’s living room, complete with 10 loose ballpoint pens for you to locate!

As we all know, I personally cannot draw, and did not labour under the illusion that this zine would magically teach me how.  If you already have a degree of artistic talent, however, it might give you a few helpful pointers.  Most of all, though, this zine is just a funny & fascinating insight into a creative mind, combined with many pretty impressive ballpoint illustrations.
Visit Andrea Joseph’s Etsy Store for your copy.

2 thoughts on “Zines I Like #5: How to draw like a Nut by Andrea Joseph”

  1. Dang it, Su! I was just getting on top of my zine addiction and now look what you have done. I bought one of your highlighted zines, of course (the Manifesto one) and would have bought this one right here except it’s sold out! And who do we have to blame for that?

    Also, I have now been officially prodded by you (even if you didn’t mean it) to suck up the fact that I hate my handwriting and try to make a handwritten zine. Because you’ll like it. And that’s enough.

    1. Ha ha! I mean oops – sorry! 😉 Actually, I might be able to help with the ‘Draw Like a Nut’ dilemma as I have a spare copy & owe you a little bundle of zininess, anyway. Always happy to help feed an addiction (to healthy things, such as zines, I mean)!

      If it makes you feel any better, I also hate my handwriting and have also still to unleash a handwritten zine onto the world. Rest assured, I will always love your zines, handwritten or not, and you will definitely be featuring in a future ‘Zines I like’ slot. 🙂 (Anybody who is not familiar with Robin’s zines, go to http://www.alchemystudios.etsy.com & check them out – NOW!)

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