Zines I Like #3: Dark Side of the Building by Fiftysticks.com

This 16 page, half-size zine is mostly handwritten (with a typewritten essay by Grace), and has a machine-stitched spine.  Nice.  Contents give a thorough explanation of the concepts of dumpster diving and freeganism (extreme recycling), including advice on getting started, tools of the trade, safety, and how to deal with potential run-ins with the police…

The diagram left demonstrates exactly why I am unlikely to ever go dumpster diving:
free stuff + me = yes please;
dirty + me =
no thanks.
Even my zines are far from their grubby, cut-and-pasted, photocopied roots (but that’s okay; it’s just my interpretation of a form).  But that is exactly what I like about this zine: it informs me about something I will never ever do, but is nonetheless fascinating, and I do agree with in principle; and the handmade style of presentation makes for interesting reading in and of itself, too.  Find out for yourself, zine available from Fifty Sticks (because one more would be too many goddamn sticks).

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