More wanderers return

A year since this project began, so far 8 Friends & Faux postcards have made it home (the rest are still travelling – no casualties that I’m aware of, so far!).  I’m so happy with the progress of this project and the fascinating artwork that has appeared as a result.  This month – as seems to have been the case each time so far – 2 more postcards arrived home within a week of each other: #21 (which began its journey with The Letter Writers Alliance & continued via some of my most talented friends & mail artists from arts/crafts swapping site, Swap-Bot) & #56 (a stunning collection of almost exclusively hand-drawn or handpainted artistamps).  Thank you so much to everyone who has kept & is keeping this project going.


4 thoughts on “More wanderers return”

  1. Wow, there are some really cool artistamps! I particularly love the fig (bottom right second card), the mail box and the duck…but they are all unique and interesting. There are many talented artistampist out there!

  2. I’m one of the artists on #56. Had my doubts it could possibly return home safely, but here it is! Thanks for a fun project to participate in.

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