I’m back!

Just over a week since moving in, and feeling surprisingly settled, already.  I would be telling huge porky lies if I said we were all unpacked and sorted but I have enough of my new workroom straight to be able to sit here, print, type, play etc.  Ooh, speaking of playing – I mean working – just before moving house I bought a brand new toy – I mean essential crafting item: a badge machine!  This is so much fun, and I am totally loving it.  So much so, that I have already added some brand new badge sets to the Etsy store for your delectation.  There are 4 sets based on a series of German postage stamps, and another set made of a rather awesome matryoshka fabric.  Each set of 4 badges is based on a traditional fairy tale, and I must confess, I enjoyed designing the rather cunning packaging at least as much as the badges themselves. 😀  The presentation cards feature micro-fiction fairy tales, a reading list of revisionist versions of the selected tale, most of them include a haiku(!), and – finally – the packaging unfolds to be used as a handy bookmark.  Ingenious!  😉  Not only that, but you can currently buy 4 sets of badges for the price of 3 – go on, you know you want to treat yourself!

Yes, I’ve been a busy little bee, in the last week or so!  In addition to the fun stuff above, I’ve also revised the TangleClub packages, in an attempt to make the processes slightly less complicated.  Don’t worry, you will still receive your TangleClub discount and extra free goodies.   Check out the TangleClub info page for full details, and look out for your March freebie in just another couple of days. 🙂

What else?  Well, there’s a brand new zine in the offing, which I’m really quite excited about.  It will probably be another couple of weeks before it’s completely complete, but I can’t wait to share it with you!  And just to keep you on your toes, it’s really quite different from anything you’ve seen from TangleCrafts previously… 😉  Now that we’re all moved into the new place, I can get all of my ideas back on schedule, so there should be quite a few new things coming to a TangleCrafts Etsy Store near you in the near future.  Watch this space!


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