Friends & Faux – more wanderers return!

My apologies for both the brevity and tardiness of this post.  The first 2 of these postcards returned home in early January and despite best intentions (mostly due to the sudden preparations for moving house) failed to give them the fanfare they deserved upon arrival.  They arrived within a day of each other which I did find entertaining.  The third arrived right at the end of January.  I am supposed to be packing right now (the postcards themselves are now packed, along with everything but my laptop) so I will not comment further, and instead allow these well-travelled postcards to speak for themselves: 🙂

To those who have requested to join the Friends & Faux project since December, I extend further apologies.  There are a couple of you that I promised postcards to but have not yet sent.  These will now be despatched after I unpack at the new place.  At this point, I am also closing the project and will not be sending any additional postcards out after these last few.  The time has come to sit back & watch the postcards travel under their own momentum, and – hopefully – find their way back to me.  If you have custody of a postcard ready to embark upon the final leg of its journey, please contact me for the new postal address.  However, if you send or have sent to the address printed on the card, it will still reach me, as all my post will be re-directed.  Thank you to everyone who has helped keep this project moving! 😀

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