TangleClub February Update

Well, who’d’ve thunk it?  Just over 2 weeks until moving day and despite having had 2 days off work, have I done any packing?  Of course not!  Following on from my diversionary sketchbook discussion yesterday (thanks all for chiming in!) I have since spent some happy hours preparing a mini arti-philately album for you lovely TangleClubbers to store your faux postage.  (Because I’m sure everything will pack itself if I just leave it long enough…! 😉 )  So head on over to the TangleClub Archive and you can claim your February freebie.

If you’re brave enough, the Etsy Store will still be up & running for the next week or so, and there are some lovely free samples from my Etsy friends up for grabs, if you do.   You’ll notice stock is currently somewhat depleted: this is because I have only left up items which are already made up & ready to be lovingly stuffed into an envelope.  The store will be closed again from mid-month, as I am expecting to be off-line for a while after the move.  However, I really truly honestly have lots of new things to add once everything has settled down a little (not to mention the return of some old favourites).  So continue bearing with me – another month, & it’ll be like all this house-moving nonsense never happened, promise. 🙂

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