TangleClub Deluxe (and weather!) update

Just a quick note to let all TangleClub Deluxe members know that the Solstice edition of the Mulberry Digest was mailed out yesterday. However, please be aware that there may be delays with delivery (btw this applies to recent Etsy orders, also :S) as we had heavy snowfall in my area last week.  I have not received any postal deliveries for over a week due to the weather conditions, and I’m afraid I simply don’t know if collections have also been affected (although I suspect they probably have).  We have not had any fresh snowfall since just before the weekend, though, and now there is ‘just’ sheet ice left on all the footpaths; so hopefully this will now gradually melt and postal services will be able to resume their normal business (and I should receive a bumper crop of letters, soon! 😉 ).

2 thoughts on “TangleClub Deluxe (and weather!) update”

  1. Wow, Su. I have been hearing about the snow you guys are having over there on the other side of the Big Pond. I can’t believe they haven’t delivered any mail for five days. The US Postal Service motto is that they deliver “Through rain, and sleet and snow”…but I wonder if they do. Living in San Francisco we only have rain. Hope you get a windfall of mail soon.

    1. Hee hee – I know! After 10 days without post, yesterday a delivery finally made it through – and comprised a copy of ‘Seven Little Postmen’ which my husband had bought for my birthday (but ironically didn’t make it through because of the snow!). Still, hopefully my deluge of letters will be delivered later this week, as they catch up. Apparently, the reason deliveries came to a halt was because they didn’t have the right boots…

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