Feeling bored?

There used to be a TV program shown during the summer holidays called ‘Why don’t you?’, and it was pretty much all about things to do when you’re bored, to stop you from being bored.  A friend recently alerted me to a very cool DIY game called 1000 Blank Cards, which struck me as exactly the kind of thing that might have been featured (except it wasn’t, as the game is relatively recently invented, and Why Don’t You was shown approx. 25 years ago.  Erk.  I’m old.)   Anyway, here are a couple of cards that I was sent to start off my deck, and I fully intend to force unassuming friends to join in the game next time they think they are innocently coming around just to hang out.  So, why don’t you?  Draw your own cards (as you know, I can’t draw, either – that doesn’t need to be a hindrance!), get as weird/original/quirky/mundane as you like and just…play!  Seriously, who has time to be bored?

N.B. I think anybody playing 1000 Blank Cards in my house would sadly earn nul points if they happened to draw the souvenir thimble card above.   Do many people have them?  Really?  Well, being out of the loop in the majority of ways, it really wouldn’t surprise me to learn I have totally missed the latest souvenir-thimble-collecting craze – but maybe I’m not too late.  Watch this space for a souvenir thimble update the next time I have been…uh…anywhere…  Hmm.  There could be a flaw in this plan…

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