New Craft Leftovers Monthly!

Where would we be without a monthly issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly to look forward to?  I’ve just received my copies of the October (‘Falling into Fall’) issue, and it’s full of awesomeness, as always.  Autumn is my favourite season anyway, but reading this issue really reminded me of all the cosy things the colder weather, and darker nights make possible.    What will you find within its pages?  Here’s a little taster:

  • an interview with me, about the history of TangleCrafts, the way I work, and an introduction to Tangledom
  • an exclusive reprint of my very first mini-zine, ‘Small Ways to Save the World’ (by craftily re-purposing)
  • lots of projects – how to dry gourds, knit mittens, crochet a scarf, sew a ‘coffee cuff’ for your mug, build a birdhouse!
  • Productive & Smiling a feature article by zen master Mary Jaksch
  • how to plan your Christmas crafting
  • recipes for Tortilla Stew of Awesomeness, Absolutely Lentil Soup, and an Oat Straw Infusion
  • Crafty Life cartoon by Fanie Gregoire
  • fun stuff – a colouring page, a wordsearch
  • and more!

Available now, in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store! 🙂

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