Real faux postage!

I just received a packet in the post today.  Normally I would be disappointed to see it was stamped with one of the generic Royal Mail postage labels (as shown upper left) rather than ‘real’ postage stamps; but today’s generic label made me laugh – the label has been made to look like an enlarged version of a real 1st class stamp, right down to the Machin design profile of the queen and the serrated edges.  It’s real postage that looks like a real postage stamp, except that it’s a faux postage stamp – genius!

Maybe they have decided to try to lure stamp collectors into collecting labels instead – or probably as well!  To be honest, I really wouldn’t mind the generic labels so much at all if they were to start issuing them with interesting background designs, like this one.  I’ll have to keep an eye on this development.  I like. 😀

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