Friends & Faux – another wanderer returns!

The third Friends and Faux postcard has made it home!
(Well, actually the 33rd…)

This postcard has not travelled as far and wide as some – it first travelled to Canada…then stayed there!  But it still displays a great selection of artistamps, including 2 hand-carved beauties for true mail art ‘traditionalists’ 😉 .  I especially love Misti Ko’s additional hand-carved cancellation mark – sweet touch!  It should also be noted that a true mail art celebrity has hereby joined the project: Anna Banana, prominent & proactive mail artist over the last few decades, I’m very happy to welcome you to the Friends & Faux fun. 🙂

We also have updates on several more postcards, including another celebrity contribution, with the return of Beanie Mouse.  You can read the full photo-story on the found-art blog – there’s even a separate post  showing Beanie Mouse making his own artistamps, and flipping through his album!  The other postcards that have touched base but continue to travel are 21, 27, 42 and 45:

…and just as I was posting this, another update arrived!  F&F 59 is another one that is going Canada crazy: 🙂

Don’t forget if you would like to join the project & add your own artistamp to a Friends & Faux Postcard, just send me an email.  Likewise, if you have added your own artistamp to a card already, please drop me a quick line with a photo/scan of the postcard so far (plus your name and address) to receive a FREE zine at the end of the project (sometime still in the dim and distant future…).

Special request: Have you received a Friends & Faux postcard but can’t think who to send it on to? Please get in touch using the link above.

11 thoughts on “Friends & Faux – another wanderer returns!”

      1. bwahahahahaha. you make such a tempting question that goes right to the heart.

        yeah. i do want to play. i’m still worried about over committing time… this looks like way too much fun tho.

        so i’m going to go for it. altho i dont know how i’m going to do it yet.

        i read some of your q & a area – if i remember right i need to send you an email. thanks for prodding… i mean inviting me.

      2. You’re welcome. 😉 Consider yourself ‘honoured’, too – you will be the very first project recipient of my latest TangleStamp.

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