Etsy updates

First up, some brand new things:

  • Craft Leftovers September issue (see previous post for more info)
  • A Tangelope Self-Mailer Set – an original & eco-friendly set of stationery from Tangledom, with TangleStamp decoration, and including notepaper, booklet of TangleStamp envelope seals, plus how-to fold your own tangleope from any piece of paper
  • Micro Artistamp Notebook (Set of 2) – for fans of faux postage, or anyone who just wants to make tiny notes/doodles on tiny pages.  This is a fun stocking filler for the mail artist who has everything!

And then, a couple of older zines with a brand new look:

  • A Bit of Earth has had a makeover, and I’m so pleased  with the results!  Now printed on lokta paper (lokta is a naturally a self-replenishing shrub) embedded with hemp seeds, this earth-friendly zine that I wrote for Earth Day is now eco-friendlier than ever (and still comes with a packet of seeds for you to plant and grow!).
  • On Flowers and Fairy Tales has also had a makeover, and is now printed on a fantastic off-white recycled paper with matching off-white recycled card cover.  I think it really suits the lino-cut illustrations and border. 🙂


Preparing for the recent craft fair made me re-think my product packaging, and I was really pleased with the way the zines I put together for the Bazaar looked, all neatly sealed into their little individual glassine packets (protection against too many copies being riffled through!).  I considered making the packets a standard feature in the Etsy Store, but am also wary of over-packaging: the glassine is 100% recyclable but even so, it is essentially the disposable, throwaway outer layer so should still not be used to excess; it is also expensive compared with similar sized plastic or cello bags, and I don’t want to have to raise prices unnecessarily.

So as a compromise, I have decided to package each order for multiple zines within a single (rather than individual) packet – so for example if you order 3 zines, they will now be packaged in a single glassine packet.  This should offer a little extra protection as they travel through the various postal systems as well as giving that slightly more ‘finished’ look when you open your package.  However, I have also listed some individually wrapped ‘gift editions’ in the Etsy Store’s ‘Special editions’ category, so that if you would like each zine you order (or specific items within your order) to be individually packaged, the option is available at a small extra cost.  Each glassine packet is sealed with a contents label, making them that little bit more gift-able. 🙂

Currently, the only ‘gift editions’ listed are the excess stock from the craft fair; but if there is a particular item you would like to have individually packaged, just let me know, and I’m sure it can be worked out!


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