A bazaar offer!

I was really happy with how the Bazaar went – I love talking to people who stop by my table about my zines as they flick through them; and it was also great to meet some local fellow crafters.  As a result of speaking with some of the other vendors, I have some interesting projects coming up in the near-ish future.  More on that later, though.  For now,  I just wanted to stop by with a special offer for you:

I have 3 goody bags left over from yesterday, so the next 3 orders placed through Etsy which quote BAZAAR! in the checkout message to seller, will receive a free goody bag with their order.

Each goody bag contains an Enchanted Times postcard, a Going Postal mini-zine, some postmark return address labels, and a 10% discount card.  Two of the goody bags also contain a ZineBomb! mini-zine, while the third has a packet containing a brand new TangleCrafts item: a 2-pack of micro artistamp notebooks (available in the Etsy store very soon).  And…

…if the order you place happens to be for $10 or more (excluding postage) I will also add in a copy of the new-look Flowers & Fairy Tales zine, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Please note, offers apply only to first 3 orders received quoting BAZAAR! at checkout.

Keep an eye on the blog & Etsy store for a variety of new-look & just plain new products to be added over the next couple of days!


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