Enchanted Times #2 available now!

Catch up on the latest news stories from the enchanted realms –  Enchanted Times #2 is now available! What’s that on the front cover?  It’s a sample of nettle yarn (pre-enchanted, of course!) to accompany the free patch-weaving loom postcard bound within the centre pages.  A second postcard also offers you the opportunity to claim an additional free gift, direct from the Enchantment Protection Agency!

Inside, you will also find:

  • Cover story: the big bad wolf and YOU
  • Cover-story: judging a book by its cover (how fairy tale archetypes have changed since once upon a time)
  • Feature story: The Ugliest Duckling
  • Exclusive interview: Cinderella Sweeping, Cinderella’s Weeping
  • Piecework: Splinter – the first part of an ongoing serial, also available online
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Small ads
  • Reviews: The Mirror – a brand new ET supplement, reflecting contemporary fairy tale literature (plus how to contribute your own review for a future issue)

For additional photos, please see Etsy listings.  You will also find story previews from both ET1 & ET2, plus an exclusive DIY printable notebook project at the Enchanted Times blog (work in progress!).


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