Friends & Faux: the Postcards’ Progress

It’s only a couple of weeks since my last report on the Friends & Faux project, but the updates have been rolling in, so I thought it was time to share. 🙂

First up is Beanie Mouse, a contributor to Friends & Faux #1, whose contribution I failed to highlight at the time.  To make amends, here he is watching the glue dry on the stamp he has just applied to the postcard.  You can see more pics of Beanie Mouse inspecting the mail he receives, and even with gluestick in hand at the Found-Art Blogspot.

In the last month, I have sent out a further 16 postcards – you can track their progress here.  Or you can request a postcard to be sent for you to add your own artistamp by simply dropping me a line. If a mouse can do it, so can you! In the meantime, here are the updates received for postcards 26, 32 & 33…:

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