It’s a zine, no it’s a notebook…& it’s totally customised!

You know, I was pretty excited the day I discovered D*I*Y Planner, but this is even better!  I was innocently reading through my emails yesterday evening when a message popped up from Wendy at Craft Dinner! (‘food for your art’ 😉 – don’t you just love that?) alerting me to the mini wonders available from…(drumroll, please)PocketMod.

PocketMod is just about the coolest concept EVER (no exaggeration!).  There is a raft of different page layouts to choose from, which you can then mix & match to suit your mood/requirements.  Just click and drag to customise the pages of your very own mini-zine-style pocket notebook, print – et voila!  You will never need to buy one of the TangleCrafts notebooks that I have secretly been planning 😦 with this magic at your fingertips!

When inspiration strikes me whilst at work (away from my trusty laptop), I am forever scribbling, um, notes in blank mini-zine notebooks folded from scrap paper  (and then finding my mini-notebooks of scribbles still crammed into my pockets, weeks later – but that’s another story…).  But how can I resist the awesomeness of PocketMod?  I am going to print myself a raft of them, and stuff them into every pocket of every pair of jeans, and every bag that I own.

Oh, top tip!  Print your customised PocketMod on both sides of your paper!  Once folded, only one printed side will be visible BUT once you’ve filled it with your essential notes, you can then simply re-fold it inside-out, and start all over again. It’s essentially a throwaway (albeit recyclable) product, so you might as well squeeze as much use out of it as you can!  Alternatively, print on the reverse of one-sided junk mail or advertising flyers, for maximum re-purposing feel-good factor!


2 thoughts on “It’s a zine, no it’s a notebook…& it’s totally customised!

  1. hi! my boyfriend (clint marsh) and i are hanging out on the couch this weekend — much needed downtime. i was poking around on your website when he looked over my shoulder and told me he had just addressed an envelope for the new pamphleteer to you! funny cause i’d gone to your site thinking he’d like to see it because of his own zines! 🙂

    • It’s a small world, no? Ooh, something to look forward to! I will have to find something to send in return… Hope you both enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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