New in Etsy store – mail art rubber stamps!

I’ve just had some rubber stamps professionally made up from my own designs, and I’m so pleased with them, I just had to add them to my Etsy store straight away (under brand new category heading ‘Mail Art Stamps’), even though I am still finalising the finishing touches to my packaging ideas for the eventual end products.  The stamps themselves are unmounted with self-adhesive backing (I will have acrylic blocks available soon), and are now as they will ever be; but I have a few presentation ideas that are still in progress – so this is your chance to buy now (at a slightly lower price) while they are still at the prototype stage!

Personalise your letters and mail art with your own unique postmark (2 different versions currently available); or seal your envelopes in style with a Seal-Stamp-Send kit, complete with little round labels.  Go and check them out – so much fun!


2 thoughts on “New in Etsy store – mail art rubber stamps!

    • I’m sorry; the price of having the stamps made up increased & I no longer stock them. I may look into something similar again in the future but I’m afraid it isn’t in the immediate pipeline…

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