Happy Mailday round-up #2

So yes, the next beautiful piece of artwork I received in the post was from edgetorn – we participated in a swap to create a DIY Art*o*mat item, and this is the beautiful collaged & painted woodblock I received from her:

The colours remind me of Klimt.  It just feels like a little block of sunshine, and it really cheers me up whenever it catches my eye (which is quite frequently, as I have stationed it by my workplace 😉 ).  Unfortunately, the cute little Art*o*mat-style box it was packaged in did not survive the journey so well (although the distressed/aged look is intentional!), but I have now re-glued it & it is good as new.  Not that my beautiful little woodblock will ever be concealed inside it again!  Just to clarify, this piece of artwork was not sent ‘naked’ but safely inside an envelope.  It still counts as mail art, though – just think of it as an extra-chunky ATC!

But naked mail has also visited me recently – just yesterday, in fact!  This painted woodblock is from fieldstudio31.  Melissa told me, “the postal clerk was rather merciless with the customs label and covered half of the front. (Sorry about that I’ve never had to put one on naked mail before since they can see what it is! I would have redone the address side but she slapped it on and said “it’s art, hah!”)”.  Which quite amused me – but is exactly why I do all of my stamping & labelling at home!

I was in 2 minds whether to remove the customs label or not – it is, after all, a major testament to the piece’s journey.  But it seemed a real shame not to see the complete palette, as per original intention, so I did my best to remove the incredibly sticky label.  As you can see, I didn’t worry too much about removing every last trace, because the fact that the label was applied is a part of the ‘story’ of this artwork.  As it is, the biggest casualty of the label-removal was the patch of purple paint – half of which peeled off with the label, and most of the remainder of which is covered by unpeelable label.  Aside from the customs label issue, though, this piece shows remarkably little wear and tear from the journey.  And by the way Melissa – I love it! 😀

One thought on “Happy Mailday round-up #2”

  1. great works to come by mail!

    i think every Mail Art Artist knows that every postal clerk is a different story. i’ve found some who are a joy and a pleasure to connect up with at the postal counter – and then some who will deliberately over charge. repeatedly. for any reason they can think of… must be some kind of power trip i suppose. …for the most part postal workers are great and the range of reactions from our audience …may be that’s a captured audience in this case… is often a treat and definitely part of the process to be watched and savored. …in some cases from a little distance in time as well. … and as is often the case… some of the worst experiences make the best stories. …with a little perspective. . . way fun on the Naked Mail Art story – and work – and the collage & painted woodblock work treasure is a gem. cool.

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