Earth Day is coming…

Earth Day is on April 22nd, and this year I wanted to do something to commemorate it.  So I wrote a zine!  It’s called ‘A Bit of Earth’ and is also an homage to one of my favourite novels for children, ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  The mini-zine is printed on recycled paper embedded with lavender flower heads, and on the front cover is a pocket containing a packet of ready-to-plant poppy seeds, and a selection of blank labels (with floral motif), ideal for envelope re-use – a little kit to help you save a little bit of earth!

However, I am also giving away a free download version of this zine (no paper = even eco-friendlier!) to all members of the newly established TangleClub.  All you need to do to become a member in April is buy anything at all from the TangleCrafts Etsy store.  When your membership card arrives – in addition to all the extra club discounts – you will also be in possession of the secret password to access the archive of TangleClub freebies (which will be added to monthly)!

Tempted?  Go browse the store, and gain access to your free Bit of Earth!

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