Doodle-stitch postcard #2

Who will be the ‘lucky’ recipient?  It’s already on its way, but I won’t let on, yet, so as not to spoil the surprise!

Just a thought – is this mail art?  Or mail craft?

I had so much fun with the first doodle-stitch postcard, I just couldn’t resist stitching another.  It shouldn’t have taken me so long to discover, though!  I ‘invented’ this type of doodle-stitching last year, as a last minute extra to go with my Contours art zine.  I took a chance, as I didn’t have time to guinea-pig it first; but luckily, one of my first readers, zinester Robin Mayberry of Alchemy Studios had her free bookmark stitched up within days of receiving it (right).  (Even more luckily for me, the concept worked!)  Now, 6 months later, I feel like a whole new world of crafty opportunities has opened up.  I am never organised enough to hand-make all the christmas cards I intend to (I’m fairly certain I didn’t even manage 1 last year… :-S) but I can so visualise these abstract swirls in shades of red and green, burgundy and pine…  Well, you never know – it might happen!  On the other hand, I am constitutionally against even contemplating Christmas when spring has barely begun, so it might not… 😉

3 thoughts on “Doodle-stitch postcard #2”

  1. aloha tanglecrafts. – one of the things i like about Mail Art is that it embraces human beings across disciplines as well as ages, cultures and the planet. it looks to me like you already know the answer to the question you posed… you did send it through the postal service afterall… bwahahahaha – however i’d say, if it can go through the mail – or that possibility was intended – that makes it Mail Art that has been created within your discipline. …that’s only an opinion tho. these are very cool. i’ve always liked stitching (even tho i do very little of it – may be that’s one reason it fascinates me??) – and particularly in mail art formats i find it an appealing area to explore.

    1. Giving this some thought, I think that mail art is actually a genre within which the difference between art and craft matters least of all. A piece of cross stitch that has been stamped, addressed and mailed holds just as much water (in the mail art world) as an oil-painted envelope. This thought makes me happy, and far more benevolently inclined towards the term ‘artist’!

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