New stuff! (Mail art zines & more)

Want to try something different?  Or do you just want to see what everyone else is up to?  The new Going Postal mini zine is now in my Etsy store, featuring the first 3 contributions to the Going Postal mail art project.  This will be the first of several mini-zines, before I put together a full size compilation-zine-with-extra-bits; but the project has only just begun, so there’s still plenty of time to get involved.  Buy the first zine & be inspired!

Or maybe a different project will capture your imagination.  Check out the first special edition of the Mulberry Digest from Tangledom, complete with invitation to participate in the TangleStamp Exchange with your very own self-designed TangleStamps.  Printed on mulberry pulp paper, this digest gives you a brief introduction to the realm of Tangledom & the mysterious Local Post service, and also launches the TangleStamp Exchange Bureau’s cross-border, cross-cultural mail art project.  A pocketful of FREE TangleStamps for you to use are included, plus TangleStamp blanks for you to decorate!

Get to know more about Tangledom with the non-mail art special Festival edition of the Mulberry Digest.  This edition explains the rituals of Tangledom’s highest festival, Mulberry Eve – how to preserve your dreams in a Mulberry Dream Basket, how to prepare the essential mulberry preserve for a fully traditional Mulberry Morning breakfast, and a cross stitch embroidery pattern based on the auspicious symbol of the simple mulberry leaf.  This issue also comes with free mulberry trees for you to plant!

Check out the Etsy store for more pics & details; and look out for more special editions of the Mulberry Digest,  coming soon!


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