Dog Eared

I’ll tell you, back in January when I stumbled across Dog Eared Town on Etsy, it made me very very happy (even amidst all the upside-down-ness of an iminent & unwanted or anticipated house-move).  You see, I actually stumbled across Dog Eared magazine (a journal of the book arts) maybe a year or more ago, when I was going through a phase of investigating pretty much anything/everything related to bookbinding and artist’s books.  Problem was, the website I found told me about the magazines, but there was no way to actually buy them… 😦  They seemed to be exactly what I wanted – but I couldn’t have them!

So happily, now that has all changed 🙂 (see, smiley face, now).  I have already bought 4 back issues – although really 7, as one of them is a bumper compilation of the first 4 issues, and who knows how many more will lure me in the coming months…  Each issue covers a different area of the book arts, from journals to zines (as illustrated!) to collage to marketing, to the tools you use, so whatever your own specialism, you’ll more than likely find something of interest.

Without wishing to be rude, they are really just overgrown zines; but they are absolutely brim-packed to the gills with good quality journalism (so I guess that is where the ‘journal’ qualification comes in), lots of well-written and entertaining feature articles, how-tos, and well, just lots of ideas.  And I love ideas.  Not that I don’t already have enough of my own…  Anyway, don’t take my word for it, check out the Dog Eared Etsy Store for yourself.  It’s cool.  And will hopefully make you as happy as it made me :-D.

One thought on “Dog Eared”

  1. i have several of these – i often refer to them for inspiration 🙂
    still my all-time fav-favourite journal, of which i have the full set(!) – is ‘the studio’, teesha moore’s first offering started in 1990s – all b&w, but THE best articles and thoughts on creativity. she has a newer one, ‘art & life’, of which i have a few, but it’s all-colour and fewer articles…

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