New Year Reductions! (in every sense)


Once you’ve recovered from all the festivities, I hope you will check out my Etsy store, which has some cool new stuff for the new year (with lots more to come).  First off, there are re-sized editions of Telaic Fantasy  – they are now all A6/quarter-sized instead of A5/half-sized, with reduced prices to match their new pocket-sized stature :-).  Papertrail #1 has also been shrunk.  But don’t worry, none of the contents are missing: they are all still exactly as they were previously (just smaller). To keep everything in line, I’ve also reduced the cost of a couple of other slightly older zines (that were already A6 sized).

A recent addition to the store is the category for Tangledom – there are 2 mini zines there so far: TangleTree Crafts & Mulberry Dreams, both giving a unique introduction to a unique world of crafts built on dreams and silk, and printed on mulberry silk paper for an extra special finish.  This category is one that will definitely be growing in the coming year (alongside its thus far neglected blog, also due to be filled out considerably, in the next couple of weeks).

Keep an eye on the store, as Telaic Fantasy #4 is still in the offing, not to mention all kinds of other new and exciting things – more news to follow…!

Hope everyone has had a great Christmas and New Year.  My aim for the new year is to find a better balance between making regular posts here and all the other projects with claims on my time.  I think I have cleared a little space, but regardless, wish me luck! 😉


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