Life is but a fairy tale

If you are a follower of my blog, you will probably have noticed that the theme of fairy tales recurs every now and then.  It’s been a lifelong fascination, & I expect it will continue ;-).

A couple of months ago, I pre-warned of a forthcoming idea involving the Russian folk tale of Baba Yaga.  Well, that idea grew (as they are wont to do), and when I realised the ideas were escalating beyond the scope of a single zine, I decided to stop thinking, and accept that more than one issue would be necessary.  Thus, the first (but not the last) issue of the Enchanted Times was born.

The Enchanted Times #1 includes:

  • 3 revised fairy tales (Baba Yaga, The Frog Prince, and The Princess & the Pea)
  • an Intuition Doll sewing kit (learn to listen to your own inner wisdom!)
  • 2 cross stitch charts (The Princess & the Pea plus Little Red Riding Hood)
  • essentials such as pre-enchanted tags to cut out & keep, for protection from (in this case) Baba Yaga
  • lots of other cool stuff!

Please check out the Etsy listing for more pics & additional information.


One thought on “Life is but a fairy tale

  1. I love your blog – just now discovered it!! My son’s FIL taught Russian – history, language, etc. at TCU for many years, and introduced me to Baba Yaga – a beautifully illustrated book in Russian, which he translated for me. I’m a great lover of all things fairy tale myself.

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