Zines, mail art, fairy tales – and more to come!

Blogland is probably giving up on me given my very sparse posting in recent months, but I am still here, and I am still creating & working on stuff.  I’ve recently added a couple of new things to my Etsy store:

Lost & Found coverLost & Found is the first of my new fairy tale explorations to see the light of day (not Baba Yaga, but that is still on the way, I promise!).  It’s an A6/quarter-size zine, which includes a revised version of the fairy tale ‘The Princess & the Pea’ (not aimed at kids), random notes about my thought processes behind & ideas for the story, a (very short!) poem, and a cross stitch pattern, so you can embroider your own illustration!  (see the etsy listing for more details & pics)

PostScript is a zine I wrote a few months ago, but got put aside while I PostScript zinewas working on other things.  It is also A6 size, & includes a complete postcard recycling kit (labels to transform any piece of scrap card or photo etc into a mail-able postcard), details of various international postcard projects you can take part in, craft projects (carve a postcard, a secret postcard, a postcard notebook, and a handwoven postcard), and lots of other random postcard-related musings, info & reviews.  One of the coolest things about this zine is that it is not only about postcard, but it actually is a postcard, too!  (The zine transforms into a self-mailer, addressed to you on the back cover.)

And finally (for today – there will be more to follow!), if you love getting PPP Club Packagemail that isn’t bills, bank statements & junkmail, it’s time to join the P.P.P. Club.  P.P.P. stands for Post Post Post, and is a celebration of all things postal!  Whether you’re a fan of postcards, mail art, faux postage, or everyday postal paraphernalia, this club is designed for you.  Your membership bundle includes:

  • A membership card that doubles as a postal record book (& includes a P.P.P. manifesto for you to sign!)
  • Free personalised address labels & faux postage in the P.P.P. Postal Book (this is where you find out what the P.P.P. is really all about!)
  • A copy of PostScript (see above for description)
  • Discount on everything in the P.P.P. category of my Etsy Store (items to be added soon)

Life is hectic, but I will be trying very hard to update here more regularly, so you can see what’s going on :-).


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