Good mail starts here!

Good mail dayCatching up on a month’s worth of blogging in one day, I really need to plug the (not-so-new-any-more) book Good Mail Day by Jenny Hinchcliff & Carolee Gilligan Wheeler.  I’m taking my time working my way through it, because it’s packed with ideas and resources for just about every aspect of mail art you could possibly be interested in.

happy mailday travelling kitChapter 3, ‘The Traveling Mail Art Kit’, really captured my imagination & I started to think straight away what would comprise my own essential mail art kit.   I’d love to share, but I’ve set up a mail art kit swap over at Swap-Bot, and I don’t want to ruin any surprises for my partners, should they happen to stop by here.  But I’d love to hear what anyone else thinks of as their mail art essentials (it’s such a personal thing) – I’ll probably be inspired by your ideas, & then still ruin a surprise, anyway ;-).  And you’ll probably hear more about my own kit as time goes by…

Find out more from the authors through their blog – where you can see all the cool mail art they have been receiving – and also at the Pod Pod Post website (which looks great, but I was disappointed by how few of the shop items are actually available).

2 thoughts on “Good mail starts here!”

  1. Hi! 🙂
    Believe me, we’re disappointed that many of our products aren’t available anymore, either, but lack the elves necessary to make them (our own free time being in short supply right now). That’s the rub of doing it the long way, I guess.

    Anyway, so excited to see your swap–and I do hope you’ll post pictures of some of the kits you’ve conceived (well after the fact, of course).

    Postally yours,

    1. Elves would be great, wouldn’t they? I think free time is as mythical as they, though… 😉

      Everyone involved with the swap is really excited, and some have sent theirs out already. I can’t wait to see the kits & will definitely update with pics once everything has safely reached its destination. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

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