Are you a zine writer as well as reader? You need a zinalogue!

What’s a zinalogue?  Well, it’s a catalogue of zines.  Obviously.  😉

It works sort of like a friendship book, except you use it to promote the zines you have available to trade and buy.  All you need to do is make a small booklet(/mini-zine), add in the details of your zine/s along with a handful of blank pages; then every time you trade a zine with someone include a copy of your zinalogue.  The theory is, it gets passed around every time a zine is traded, and each person who handles the booklet adds their own zine/contact details.  You include your own home address on the back of your zinalogue, so that once the blank pages are full it will eventually return home to you, full of info about the zines that are ‘out there’ in the world.

Why?  Well, it’s just a way of promoting your own zines – because who knows who the person you traded with last will trade with next?  Your zinalogue could realistically reach zinesters all over the world, whose zines you might otherwise never have heard of, and who might otherwise never have heard of yours.  It’s mutually beneficial to everyone who contributes a label, business card or promo to a page, because their zine info will be seen by a random bunch of zinesters, too.  Then when your zine returns home, you can while away the hours checking out the links of everyone who has contributed to your zinalogue.  A nice idea would be to include an extra zinalogue (with unfilled return address) when you send one asking for the recipient to contribute, then they can play, too.  Don’t forget to add your details to one of the blank pages, first!

Ultimately, if enough people start filling and passing zinalogues, you could even trade full zinalogues (once you’ve either made a note of the details you’re interested or traded with everyone therein!).  There are always going to be new zinesters, and old zinesters with new zines to find out about, so why not try it?

I’ve added a couple of templates (A4 & letter-size) that you can print & fold directly, add your details & get started!

5 thoughts on “Are you a zine writer as well as reader? You need a zinalogue!”

  1. Oh my goodness, you have been busy lately, this looks awesome. I’m doing last minute shuffling for clm and I’m going to include it in the “these are a few of my favorite things” section. Awesome job, keep up all the great work!

    1. There’s a zinalogue for you inside the zine that was returned to me (grrr). It’ll be back on it’s way to you tomorrow, with the correct address! 😉

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