Puzzle me

Harriet Russell WindowsInspired by Harriet Russell’s adventures in puzzlingthe post office with her puzzled envelopes, I have just created the Puzzled Postcard Project (P.P.P., for short!).

If you’re up for a challenge, it’s time to get creative!  Create a puzzle for my postal address, mail it to me, and in return, I will send you a free mini-zine featuring your Puzzled Postcard alongside others I have received.

This is going to be an ongoing project (feel free to contribute more than once!), and I will make a more detailed record (yes, probably in zine-form) of all postcards sent and received, as well as other interesting bits and pieces, once the project has been running for a while.  Please check out the full details, and ask if I can clarify any details not covered there.  🙂

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