Who’s heard of Folksy?

Folksy is the UK equivalent of Etsy and I have finally set up a TangleCrafts Store (including The Tangled Press stuff, too).  I discovered & signed up to Folksy just before we moved house in April, but have only just got around to doing all the listings.

Why have another store in addition to Etsy?  Admittedly, they are pretty identical.  The main difference is simply that the prices are all in GBP rather than US$.  As I am in the UK, it has always seemed a bit unfair to me that UK buyers have to figure out $-£ conversions before buying anything.  And, of course, the payments I receive for sales on Etsy fluctuate with the exchange rate.

So I’ve set up the Folksy store mostly for my UK friends, so it’s more straightforward; and it’s also very nice for me to actually see my prices fixed in one place (actually getting £2 back for something that costs £2, rather than £1.73 or £2.05, depending on the exchange rate!).

UK buyers are still welcome to shop through Etsy, if you prefer, but the Folksy option is there, if you want it.  That’s all :-).


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