Business cards again

Back in the day, my business cards had an embroidery chart on the reverse.  Last year, they converted into D.I.Y. weaving looms.  Earlier this year they were made from paper & re-purposed scrap card.  Guess what?  I’ve had a change of heart – again!  Well, each incarnation of my business card has coincided with a new direction for TangleCrafts, so the new one is no exception.  Although hopefully, it is also possibly more all-encompassing, and might mean I don’t need to change it again too soon.  (Don’t hold your breath, though!)

zinecard1This (left) is the new card from the front: the basic TangleCrafts logo, contact, etc.  zinecard2

From the back (right), it is a card for The Tangled Press, including the same-but-different info.

It seemed a bit pointless to make 2 separate cards when they are really quite inter-related, but combining all the details into one side of one card would have got very crowded!

The cunning thing about this card, though, is that it is not actually a card, but a micro-zine – so inbetween the 2 ‘cards’ you get 6 micro-pages containing all the general blurb about TangleCrafts & The Tangled Press. zinecard3 And then the best bit: you can turn the ‘card’ inside out, to reveal a second micro-zine, ‘How to Make the  Easiest Zine EVER’:

I’m really happy with this concept, and the card-zines will be going out with all Etsy purchases for the forseeable.


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