A couple of new zines

Just added to TheTangledPress Etsy Store:

profound tapestry cover‘Profound Tapestry’, a 24 page, A6 (quarter-sized) zine.  I umm-ed and aah-ed over whether to put this in the Tangled Press or the TangleCrafts store, but it’s poetry, not a practical craft zine, so the Press won out.   It is a collection of found poetry, that I discovered within the pages of my many vintage weaving & tapestry books. Weaving, spinning, and technical weaving terminology like warp and weft lend themselves very easily to metaphor, so that the poetry frequently does not appear craft-related at all.

Just added to the TangleCrafts Etsy Store:

cover complete 2I’d been meaning for ages to try out covering buttons, after my fabric badge-making experiments using a kids’ badge-machine left me with very sore fingertips indeed.  Happily, buttons appear to be far friendlier, and this little zine is the result of my explorations.   ‘Cover-Button Moon’ is a 16 page mini-zine that comes with 3 free buttons!  It is a complete introduction and how-to for covering buttons with your own funky fabrics, including full step-by-step instructions, photos, tips, and 5 simple projects to start you off (the 3 buttons included can be used to try out the projects, too).

Check out the store listings of both items for full details & more pics.

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