Zines update

In my hasty post the other day, I forgot to mention that I have listed some new zines in my Etsy stores.  The culmination of my French knitting experiments can be found in ‘Make Your Own…D.I.Y. French Knitting‘, in the usual TangleCrafts store.

For something a little bit different to my usual offerings, please check out The Tangled Press Etsy Store.  Yes, I have finally started adding some non-crafty zines to this store, and there are more to come.  The first two listings are

  • ‘The Beast: Requiem for a Vibraphone’ – the life story of Corey’s sadly deceased (well, definitively retired, at least!) vibraphone; a photo story featuring & with commentary by ‘The Beast’, and a collection of Corey’s haiku.  ‘The Beast’ comes as a 3 part set, bound into a wallet, with 2 integral pockets.
  • ‘On Flowers & Fairy Tales’ features the 3 lino cuts I mentioned doing recently, as illustrations to a collection of thoughts & poems on, well, flowers & fairy tales.  There are also a couple of extracts from literature, a list of flowers & their meanings, and a bibliography.  If you have a passing interest in fairy tales, I think you’ll find it interesting!

There are several more works in progress, but given my current lack of home internet access, these will have to tide you over for a little while…!

    4 thoughts on “Zines update”

      1. P.S. Rarely known fact in web-world – hubby & I actually met through a knitting club he set up with his friend (or was it through the bookshop? It’s always hazy which came first…) Let it be on record, though, that Corey probably networked & drank more than knitted & his only knitting achievement of note was a leaf-shaped square… To be fair, I never progressed beyond hats & scarves, but they were very cool…

        1. I know the wife thinks I don’t read her blog, so I’m here to prove I do. I’d like to say that I knitted QUITE A LOT actually. The knitting to drinking ratio was at least 30:70.

          The bookshop came first.

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