Another challenge for you – carve a stamp!

I have just set up another Swap-Bot swap, this time to make a hand-carved, hand-printed postcard.  Click on the underlined bit for full details.  I thought this would be a fun challenge – but not quite as challenging as my last lino-carving experiment, as the design is to a smaller scale.  I’m quite looking forward to working on some form of faux postage stamp as well, given that it will be travelling as a postcard…

I may not actually use lino this time, as I picked up this very large eraserbig mistakes (for very large mistakes, measuring up to 4.5 x 15cm!) within a pack of smaller erasers from my local pound shop recently.  I will have to test it to see how well it carves before I commit myself, though!

As with the Crafty Zine swap, anyone who emails me with their postal address, and mentions this post, will receive an extra postcard print from me (in addition to those they will receive from their 5 swap partners) .  Can’t say fairer than that!

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