Totally loving these looms!

Don’t tell Corey – I’ve been looking at new looms, again… rug-loomsThese ones are so cool, though – handmade out of poplar wood, and designed specifically for earth-friendly rug-weaving with rags or plastic bags.   Check out the Boyd Hollow Designs Etsy Store.  You can get 6 different sizes, from mobile phone size (not shown in pic) up to a huge rug/wall hanging at 27″ x 40″.  The 3 larger looms come with an integral floor stand that folds flat for storage, and one of my favourite features is the metal bars down the sides, which make it (almost) impossible for your weaving to draw in.

rug-loomMy current favourite is the medium size, 17″ x 21″.  I have a huge (unconstructed) floor loom that will hopefully finally find a place to live in the new house, but my 2nd largest currently is 10″ x 16″ (& a bead loom, so not really conducive to larger pieces).  I’ve decided that to help us settle into the new house, I’m going to invest some time in weaving us a wall-hanging.  I can’t say I don’t have any yarn; I also have a friend with a stack of charity shop-bought wool waiting to be reclaimed for the greater good; then, of course, are all the leftover clothes & fabrics I am unearthing while I pack…  I think this size loom is just right for my new project.  I’ll just have to wait until next month once we’re actually installed before I can order one, as I have banned myself from any new purchases & projects, in the meantime… 😦  At least I have something (else) to look forward to, though!  It’s all good, at the moment :-).


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